Hardware Services

Here at HAT IT Solutions we repair all server and network electronics as well as installing and uninstalling server rooms and network hardware. 

Electronic repair

We repair mother boards, network cards and adaptors, computer boards and all other electronic hardware that are related to networking and computers. Call us or drop us a line and we will get tin touch with you shortly so you can tell us about your hardware problems.

Server room

We are experts in building and maintaining the state of the art server rooms. All automated and monitored by our super AIs to insure 100% uptime with minimum power usage and maximum efficiency. We are also capable of upgrading and updating your existing outdated server rooms.


Networking is time consuming, confusing and costly to majority of the users. Networking without proper tools and knowledge can lead to a network that does not communicate or drops connectivity all the time. We can help you to wire your devices properly and have them working all time with no droppage. 


All of our services and products come with HAT Warranty in addition to their factory warranty. We also provide 24/7 support of our servers and services that are up all the time.

Get the best It service from our professional and educated IT team. We specialize in networking, protection, servers, coding, hardware and software.